Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vacation Sex Learnings

Suzy and I had a super romantic getaway last weekend.  Sex was high on the agenda.  She had just finished her period, was nicely shaved, and ready for some marital relations.  I was (as usual) horny.  As we were packing, Suzy made a comment about locking me up.  While I think this was a little late, and I didn't especially want to wear the cage driving 3+ hours, it did excite me knowing she thinks about the cage.  Maybe some chastity play is coming up?

I had not ejaculated inside my wife for some time.  Not really sure, probably over a month.  Lots of condom usage.  For the first round, I ate her pussy to orgasm.  She made some flattering comments after her climax about how much she enjoyed her orgasm and we had some playful banter about me *finally* becoming a good pussy eater.  For me in my journey as a cunnilinguist, I credit her feedback as helping me to finally navigate her womanhood.  I've probably said this before, but I really do feel that going down on her is "making love".  It is an intimate encounter with my life partner that I truly enjoy.  I like how I can focus on pleasuring her and I'd like cunnilingus to be a more regular part of our sex play, as we clearly both enjoy it.

Suzy then asked me to fuck her doggie style and to pull out and jerk myself off over her back.  I've never done this, and my expectations going in were low.  Reason being, that this is a common porn move, where the male jerks off and I never really "got" that.  My orgasms jerking off are significantly less intense than her giving me a handjob or coming inside her.  So how could this be good?  Well, it exceeded my expectations tremendously.  Firstly, Suzy was assertive that I was not to come inside her and I definitely got the sense from her that she would be disappointed if I did.  You must know by now what a turnon it is for me to be told what to do by her.  It really feeds my submissive desires, like I am a lowly worker bee that gets to fuck the queen, but only the queen's terms.  Secondly, I've never done the porn star pullout, so this was a novelty.  I wasn't sure if I could do it right.  Well, no problems, and my orgasm was intense.  I sprayed quite a bit of semen on her back.  I actually hit her in the cheek on one of the spurts, which she was not happy about, and we had a bit of a discussion about that after.  Generally speaking, semen volume and distance is directly correlated with my orgasm intensity.  Meaning, if I shoot a lot and far, I have a great orgasm.

Anyway, she teases me pretty regularly about my inability to go for round 2.  I admit, I enjoy this type of teasing (more on that later).  Like a challenge that I must rise above (pun intended).  My libido shot down due to the prolactin taking over in my brain.  This first session was in the early evening, so I did have some time to recuperate and I felt good about my chances to perform again later in the evening.

Here's my second big learning.  I can actually perform even if I'm not horny and not "in the mood" as I usually am.  I'll be honest with you, I probably would not have initiated sex for round 2.  I was sexually satiated.  But it was sort of a Suzy challenge, and this is vacation sex after all.  I was able to get it up.  Suzy came first, and she told me to put a condom on.  I believe she teased me about cuckolding me and once again I had a fantastic orgasm: Super intense.  So to be clear, my "learning" here was that I can perform sexually even if I don't have that horny drive.  Just do her.  Whoah.  Major breakthrough in my sexuality.  We'll see if Suzy actually allows this in non-vacation settings.  But I like that I have this ability and that it can also be very intensely pleasurable.

And third learning is verbal teasing.  Suzy said she was "confused" about verbally teasing me.  Don't have time, but this probably deserves its own post.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Bull Trainer

After an apparent hiatus from the world of hotwifing, Suzy gave me a download of some of her recent flirtations with other men.  I was (as usual) extremely horny, and her "cuckold conversation" made me that much hornier.

She's chatting with a new younger guy and a guy she chatted with before.  This amounts to an interesting race as to who will become "Friend #7".

In one corner, we have a young, fit stud that is less than half Suzy's age.  A few days ago, she showed me his photo and she seemed to have the same schoolgirl crush voice as she had with the waiter "Cory" several years ago, long before she was officially a hotwife.  I didn't know she was still actively looking for "bulls" and I was pleasantly surprised that she had chatted this young buck up.

It turns out that he is a student, lives at home only a few miles from us.  Definitely cannot host.  He has the "goldilocks" amount of sexual experience for Suzy (I think), meaning not too much, not too little.  He wants to explore having sex with a MILF and is fully aware of her cuckold fantasy of him taking her while I watch.  A plus (for me) is he likes the idea of having some naughty photos taken (will these be selfies/taken by Suzy/taken by me?).  Suzy let me in on her conversations with him, and I enjoy reading her convos with prospective lovers.  She made it clear about our situation, and was direct with him.  I found that hot, as does he.  Oh, and the parts she "left out": that he is a part time fitness trainer and masseuse.  I know that he has seen some photos of Suzy, understands what she wants, and is interested.  So the question is: who will train who?  The thought of Suzy "training" him to pleasure her is pretty hot to this husband!

Or in the other corner, there is a fellow that contacted her regularly when she was starting to find partners, had a girlfriend that was OK with him playing (allegedly) and now they are broken up and he has a condo to himself.  I don't recall a lot of the physical details of this guy, but Suzy does seem interested in getting to know him better.  And likes the idea of him being able to host, as the younger guys in our area are less able to do so.  I believe they share the same profession.  Maybe that's part of the appeal to her?  She can have a little monkey business, then talk business?!

As Suzy was (unexpectantly) giving me the low down on these potential lovers, I was rock hard and she was playing with my balls and cock while I was fully clothed (hey, remember my last post about kinky reversals?!?!).  She stroked me and I came, making a big mess of my shirt, shorts, and underwear.  I guess I had a big load from all this cuckold talk.  Of course, Suzy had her orgasm before this, and taunted me as to whether I'd be able to go another round.  Happy to report, I got it up and had a second handjob orgasm.  Yay Us!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kink Reversals

I have read a few books by a particular author that will present a principle/strategy with one or two examples and then show how the "reversal" of that strategy can also work successfully.  Likewise, my kink interests can be reversed for sexy effect.  Last week Suzy and I found ourselves home alone around 5:30 or so.  She had to leave to pick up a child around 6:00.  When I realized this, I wanted sex.  I got naked and went downstairs.  She said no, we don't have time.  Fortunately, she changed her mind, went to the bathroom and joined me naked.  We did minimal foreplay - this was a quickie.  I got hard and rolled a condom onto my hard cock.  I inserted it inside her, and then slowly thrust with the Hitachi on her clit.  She came fairly fast.  She started to get me to come quickly with some dirty talking and tried to smack my nuts.  Not sure why this is, but with missionary, it's difficult for her to smack my nuts.  I moved my leg in an awkward position and she did swat them, it was just not sustainable for me.  Regardless, I came HARD.  Very intensely pleasurable orgasm for me.  My cock can "twitch" for a few minutes after a really intense orgasm, and that's what happened this time.  As I was in the post orgasmic basking, Suzy quickly got up and dressed and went to pick up the child.  No messy baby batter to contend with.

This is a "reversal" for many of my kinks and how I normally achieve a very intense orgasm.  Here's a rundown:

  • CFNM - yes, I walked around our house naked, but Suzy also got fully naked, and it was sexy to see her luscious tits during the sex act.  Plus, it was daylight and I am a visual guy.  It was nice seeing her naked body.  Reversal of CFNM kink.
  • Prolonged male arousal - I would say that my orgasm is usually more intense the longer I am stimulated.  When Suzy "edges" me close to orgasm repeatedly, that's when I usually have the most intense orgasms, and if she's giving me a handjob, sometimes I will shoot to my chest, or over my shoulders.  This was a particularly intense orgasm, but it was from a quickie.  Reversal.
  • Nighttime sex - we almost always have sex late at night.  Suzy is a night owl.  I really, really enjoy daytime sex.  I feel more refreshed and frankly I'm not really the stereotypical male that falls asleep right when I come.  Sex actually energizes me.  Perhaps this contributed quite a bit to the intensity of the orgasm.  Reversal.
  • Condom sex - most snipped men probably never foresee wrapping their cocks up again.  I do think condoms can be fairly sexy, though.  I thought it was really sexy how Suzy just jumped up and left as I was in the post orgasmic glow.  Normally, there's some ninja like moves to contend with the mess of my semen.  Reversal of what's expected.

The point that I'm trying to make here is to not be monolithic about sex.  It's always good.  And yes, I really do enjoy sex earlier in the day.  It would have been nice to have a long drawn out "session" but this quickie was just lovely.  It makes me wonder about other "reversals" we could try...

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fantasies and communication

A lot of "real life" has happened in the past few weeks that I don't care to discuss.  Suffice it to say that we have not been playing as much lately.  We had a mutual agreement the other night that she was open to sex.  I developed a fairly detailed fantasy of how that would play out, with strong CFNM emphasis.  But I didn't tell her about it.  So that's the reason for this post.  I really don't have a reason why I didn't tell her about it, I guess I just thought it would happen.  A purpose of this blog is for me to communicate sexual thoughts to her, and she can take it or leave it.  So here goes.

Earlier in the day, I had given my chest and pubes a good shaving/trimming.  I fantasized that she came out of the bathroom in something like yoga pants and a jog bra and met me fully naked.  She'd run her hands over my chest, commenting on its smoothness and playfully pinch my nipples as a teaser of things to come.  She'd then eye my vulnerable body, asking me to turn around to see my ass, and then make a comment about the ~10 pounds that I have lost recently.  I will be hard and she will play with my erection and squeeze my balls.  Then, we'll kiss and I'll turn around and she will stroke my cock from behind, pressing her breasts against my back.  I don't think she's ever stroked me in this position before, but I am imagining it will be a new type of CFNM sensation.  She'll make little comment here and there about what she has liked about other men's bodies, teasing me about our cuckolding experiences.

After being "on display" for her, I'd like to grope her a bit, squeezing her ass and then slip her yoga pants off, then proceed to foreplay for her.  I would like her to tell me, "it's time for me to come now", and then pleasure her in any way she likes: oral, fingering/vibrator.  After her climax, I will give her a post-orgasm caress and then I will put her yoga pants back on and it will be time to pleasure me.  I would like to be teased and have ball and nipple torture done on me when I'm close to ejaculation.  She will talk to me about her prior and/or potential cuckolding experiences, telling me what she enjoys about being a hot wife and saying things like, "do you like it how your wife has sex with other men" (of course I do!) - things like that.  When she is done toying with my horniness, she will figure out a way for me to orgasm (inside her pussy, handjob) and then we will collapse and fall asleep.

*  *  *  *  *
As it turns out, my wife is actively talking to other potential playmates.  A younger and an older guy seem to top the list, but they both have some pluses and minuses that only she can figure out if they are worthy to have their cocks sucked by her, and to become "Friend #7".  Wow, this sorta sounds like a reality show now!  Anyway, I am definitely in the mood to get some kink on.  It's been a long time since I've had my balls slapped and my nipples pinched.  And frankly, if she never cuckolds me again, it would be fine, she can always tease me about the "double standard" and how she has had quite a bit more sex partners, and how she appreciates having sexual freedom to explore other men.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Rediscovering Kinks - CFNM and Dirty Talking

Thursday, I greeted Suzy at the door fully nude.  We began kissing and I quickly got hard.  Just getting an erection feels great.  As I've gotten older, my spontaneous erections have gone way down. Gone are the teenage days when a bikini ad tented up my pants.  There's "morning wood" but it's just not the same when I'm not fully conscious and Suzy isn't a participant in my hardon.  

And by "participate" I really mean that she feels, sees, comments.  I really do think that a male getting a hardon for a woman is the ultimate compliment he can give her - after all, he has no control over it.  She always feels her lover's erection, but seeing, observing, commenting is a big fetish of mine, the CFNM fetish.

As we were standing there, my wife felt my erection and "checked me out", saying, "your balls are really tight".  There are certain trigger words that she says that excite me: cock, balls, cuckold, orgasm, come, my lover(s).  When we were first married she would give me handjobs in a more sitting position (now, she usually rests with her head on my chest, then scoots over to avoid my load).  She would say in a sexy voice something like , "oh, your balls are getting tight, looks like you're about to come".  I had no idea that my balls contracted as I approached orgasm.  And in some ways, it seemed like it became a conditioned response, that she knew before me when I was going to blow my load, and announcing the movement of my testes seemed to push me over the edge.  Anyway, this type of dirty talk makes me feel that she "knows" me sexually.

This dead giveaway was one reason why Suzy was so good at ruining my orgasm, when that was something we enjoyed doing.  She would sit up and observe my arousal progressing, and my body just highlighted when I was going to come, and she could time removing the stimulation.  This makes me feel like I'm an animal to be observed and controlled.

And, I have had some pretty fantastic CFNM handjob/breast sex orgasms.  I can think of a fantastic session we had when we visited the place we used to live; we found ourselves alone in a hotel room but she was on her period.  She was wearing jeans and a t shirt; I was horny, it was during the day and she said "I'll take care of you".  I got fully undressed and she positioned herself between my legs and stroked me until I came.  So hot!  And the time when she told me to wear a condom for titty sex.  I got so turned on with her pressing her D-cups against each other to increase the stimulation of my cock, and she just watched me pump away - later telling me she thought it was "sexy" watching me fill the condom with semen.

In CFNM kink play, I do prefer her to be in sexy/revealing clothes.  Jog bra and yoga pants - yes!  Catwoman outfit - please!  Naughty Santa's Helper!  Her PJs do have pretty good cleavage views!  

I really like sex with the lights on.  I like to be watched.  I am a CFNM fan and I'm horny.

*  *  *  *  *

We ended this session with the Hitachi over her clit, and her firmly holding my cock and balls (she actually did use both hands).  We both enjoy the risk in her squeezing very hard on me as she comes.  And I did continue the rush of being fully nude while she had her full PJ outfit on.  She came VERY hard, and basically just passed out asleep, sexually content.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Cuckolding experiment over (?)

Anyone reading my past few posts may have seen that Suzy made a rare appearance in response to a reader comment about her blog.  She was pretty clear in her response that she deleted her blog and that our foray into the world of cuckolding is over.

If you recall, Suzy had settled on one longterm play partner, and she was feeling comfortable enough with him to envision a cuckolding fantasy where I would watch them have intercourse (round 1) and then I would reclaim her (round 2) while he was in his refractory period, followed by a second coupling with him (round 3).  She would then dismiss me and they would have their first "sleepover".  That was her fantasy, and it seemed like it would happen since all parties were on board with it.  But alas, it never happened.

Suzy mentioned several reasons for it and while I have a solid idea on a lot of them, I won't go into all of them.  Suffice it to say, a big reason is that her playmates were unreliable.  We gave the cuckolding lifestyle the college try and we found that just as it was ego-boosting for her to be sexually sought after by other men, it was equally ego-bruising to have flaky playmates - especially when "Friend #6" seemed to be the long-term "boyfriend" that she wanted.

It turns out Suzy had a good opportunity to reconnect with "Friend #6" but he flaked out again and Suzy wasn't buying his excuses.  Such is life, but I will say this seems to be a common problem for cuckold couples.

My feelings on this?  Well, I must reiterate our cuckolding rules from the very beginning: that we both have veto power.  She has vetoed this lifestyle, and I respect that choice.

Secondly, no regrets on my part.  A surprising thing about this cuckold experiment is that I never developed feelings of jealousy.  When she had a playdate - especially with a new guy - I did feel "cuckold angst" but that was mainly around her safety and wanting her to have a good time.  And a strong desire to hear about what they did, and to reclaim her.  I did have some angst about all the sexting she'd do, but when I understood that the pursuing, the flirting was a big part of what appealed to her, I become OK with it.  I gotta be honest here, knowing my wife has caused other men to be sexually excited, to get hard and to ejaculate never got old.  Even married men uninterested in hotwifing would be proud to know that their wife turns other men on!  I happen to have proof!

Thirdly, I'm grateful for her for trying, for indulging in my kinks, and for doing this "for me" (LOL?).  I'm proud of her.

Lastly, in my minds eye, my kink around her cuckolding me need not go away entirely:
  • Her "hall pass" is still valid (e.g., I have not vetoed her having sex with other men).  If she randomly sees a guy that she wants to play with, she has my permission - whether that be the local cougar lounge, a swinger event, or one of her prior playmates.  I still DO need to hear about it, that has not changed.  
  • I would prefer to not sweep this under the rug.  We both enjoyed this experiment (perhaps me more than her?) and if nothing else, would enjoy being reminded of her escapades from time to time (not going to lie, when I am going down on her, the fact that she has had six other cocks enter where I'm licking definitely does cross my mind!)  
  • To be clear, I'm not pressuring her in any way, I'm just saying that I'm essentially reverting back to being a wannabe cuckold again, which can offer a plethora of opportunities for sexy teasing and dirty talk.  I'd welcome her talking to me about her thoughts of uncircumcised cocks, what it was like to be in bed with younger studs that were turned on by her MILF-ness, teasing me that she's had more sex partners, comparing her lovers' attributes, etc.  There are of course lots of opportunities for cuckold role playing, and I'm game for that.  I hope she's ok with that, instead of quitting "cold turkey".  
  • And - perhaps at this point stating the obvious - if our life circumstances change (e.g., when we become empty nesters) - it may make sense for us to revisit this as a couple.  Maybe she just needs to find the right lover...

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wife initiated sex is the best sex; a tale of multiple fetishes in a married early morning encounter

Just wanted to jot down a quick note about a sexy encounter we had a few nights ago.  If you recall, Suzy had a bit of a fetish about waking me up for sex.  This is obviously a big turnon for me, making me feel like I am her personal sex slave.  Very hot when she does that.  Well, a few nights ago, I was going on a business trip and had taken my sleeping pills since I had to wake up at a ridiculous hour.  I was sound asleep.  Wife waking hubby up for sex fetish - check!

I started waking up to the feeling of heavy petting on my cock outside my shorts.  Reminded me of our dating days, actually.  Lots of manual foreplay on my cock, before she allowed intercourse.  Anyway, I got really hard and it was feeling great.  It had been a long time since we'd played and since I had a solid, pleasurable erection.  Dopamine was flooding my brain.  Hubby feeling like a sex slave fetish - check!

She then reached into my shorts and began with manual skin on skin contact.  OMG wife initiated sex is just the best.  Wife in charge of sex fetish - check!

Did not know what she had in mind.  But I love her being in charge, setting the pace.  She said something like, "I want you inside me" (I was still have asleep, but rock hard).  She then said, "but I want you to wear a condom".  So there I was, having had a delicious amount of foreplay and a great erection, I think I asked her if she wanted to come first, she said no, so I undressed and walked over to get a condom, pulled her PJ bottoms off, unrolled the condom over my married-and-shooting-blanks cock.  Again, the thought of reverting to "boyfriend sex" with a condom went through my mind.  Wife dicktating [sic] how I fuck her (with a condom) fetish - check!  

I slid right in and we kissed a bit, I played with breasts some, even though she still had her top on.  I got turned on by the vulnerability of me being fully nude but teased by not experiencing her whole sexy chest (big breasts, hard nipples, swaying during the sexual rhythm, etc).  Clothed female, naked male fetish - check!

I knew I wasn't really going to last that long.  She was groping my body, kissing, and the sexual connection was feeling great.  I don't exactly know what she did next, it wasn't exactly an ass-spanking, kinda more of a playful slapping, something she hadn't done in a while, but we both knew it was turning me on and then I shot my load into the condom.  Wife being rough with submissive hubby fetish - check!

I then cleaned myself up and she got the vibrator out and finished herself off.  I vaguely remember playing with the skin just outside her vulva as she buckled her hips and came.  Female orgasm fetish - check!

*  *  *  *  *
By the way, I did make my plane flight.